Simon Challinor, Managing Director

Over 20 years programming experience transitioning through many technologies and environments

Simon Challinor

Telephone :
+852 9185 1329
Simon Challinor Corporate Main
Simon’s career has been focused on delivering data, analytical and technical solutions both at development and project management levels.

In recent years he has been involved in insurance, finance and financial market related projects maintaining a focus upon providing solutions to challenges such as management information, financial reporting and data manipulation. Simon has always been able to communicate appropriately and with empathy for different audiences regarding data and technology.

Previously Simon’s consultancy and employment in the UK covered a diverse range of software projects from stock control and customer relationship management (CRM) to content, document management (Lloyds of London, Legal) and publishing (Informa Group PLC).

Technical Skills (Programming Languages) :

Objective C
     XCode / iOS development
Pure Java
     Server Side (TCP/IP servers / HTTP servers / Database related)
Java for Android development
     eclipse environment – “Bounce” app Android version
     Android widgets
Dot Net – primarily visual basic for Windows development
     – clients include HSBC
Visual Basic for Applications (VBA)
     – development of various systems
          – MS Access databases (full data architectures)
          – MS Excel, Outlook and Powerpoint Automation
     – clients include HSBC, ABN AMRO, Lloyds of London, Aon

Technical Skills (Databases / DBMS) :

Google Cloud – Big Table – in last two years in relation to Google App Engine work
SQL Server – 5+ years and a number of prior implementations at ABN AMRO
MS Access – 10+ years many implementations (from single databases to full architectures)
mySQL – many implementations for web based projects
Recent Technology Experience :
Google App Engine (GAE)
Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) for Android notifications
Apple Push Notification Service (APNS) for iOS notifications

OpenID Connect / Open Authentication, OAuth 2 (particularly difficult systems to fully understand and implement properly)

Facilitates “Login with Facebook, Login with Twitter, Login with Google etc.”