Custom QR Code Solutions

Create efficiency in your business through the use of QR code and custom technology.

Want to use QR codes in your business? 


QR codes are regularly used to represent web links within magazines or public transportation advertising.  A standard QR code scanner application allows the user to scan the code and instantly link to the advertisers website – simple.

A QR code, originally designed for the Japanese automobile industry, is simply a means to store numerical or text characters in a compact way that smart phones and computers can easily scan.  So under normal circumstances a QR code might contain the web address for the online version of an advertisement.

QR codes can contain any information, say for instance, the ID number of a product similar to a standard supermarket bar-code.  However in order to do something useful with QR encoded information the QR scanner itself has to be somewhat smarter than a regular QR scanner.

An example QR code solution may use a small iPhone app that allows the user to scan a QR code representing a product, quickly see information for that product and update the stock database through simple user entry.

QR Code Generation

QR codes can be easily generated even without custom software.  There are a number of free generators available on the web and they are really simple to use.

Free QR code Generator (

Whilst these tools don’t help too much when it comes to automated or bulk printing of QRs they may work for small scale solutions.

Implementing a Custom Solution for your Business

Tailored solutions can be designed fairly rapidly and the results can be seen immediately.  If you need some advice on this subject or feel that you may be able to improve operational efficiency in your business with QR codes – don’t hesitate to give us a call.

The many uses of QR Codes

Uses of QR Codes

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