Every business has its own unique processes and work-flow and every element of the company will deal with data in one form or another. Often there is no ‘off-the-shelf’ software solution already available that matches the logic or data entry requirements you may be considering.

Specialists in custom software design

Encompass specializes in custom software design, tailoring existing software or creating new solutions that match your exact needs whether that includes user interface design, complex logic, data entry or data validation.

If you’re asking any of the following questions, why not contact us for a little guidance.

  • I need something more sophisticated than a spreadsheet for capturing data
  • I need a user interface that allows my employees to quickly capture X – Y – Z
  • I need our data entry to be validated according to our set of business rules
  • I need the system to quickly calculate the result based on our custom business logic
  • I need an automated process that repeats certain steps that are normally very time consuming.
  • I need a custom report, email or document for customer data, order information, statistics etc. and I need this each day, week or month.
  • I’d like my employees to be able to submit information via their mobile phone or perhaps an App for iPhone or Android.

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