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Everyone is familiar with the term database but few understand the factors to consider when designing how data should be structured and stored efficiently.

In the same way that an intuitive user interface helps a user navigate through software efficiently, the same idea applies to data structure. Closely matching a data model with the real world is essential in helping users easily understand the data they are working with. When this principal is applied well, a good level of data quality will automatically follow.  However, if a data model is not well suited to its requirement, a company can spend countless hours retrospectively trying to fix poor data.  Employees end up working with cumbersome data sets that are not easily understood and often the employees are blamed resulting in frustrations within teams.

Users increasingly expect lightning fast data access on their phones, tablets or computers so paying attention, early in the design phase, to how data will be accessed and the quantity of data to be retrieved is essential in ensuring a data model performs well.

Encompass has years of data modeling and design experience and can assist your business in making the right decisions. Let us help you with your data architecture.

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