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In a rapidly changing world, TDR-encompass places a heavy emphasis on longevity of results.  It is inefficient and impractical for many organizations to replace IT systems regularly however given TDR-encompass’ background and knowledge of the industry we understand that a company’s desire to replace is often unfounded.  We are aware that a lack of understanding of their IT systems often drives a company to replace functional systems. A lack of understanding often comes from insufficient documentation or staff-turnover.

Tech predictions, 2020s

As we move forwards into 2020 its a good time to review, once again, on where we believe the general field of software and information technology is headed.

Article by Simon Challinor
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SME Cloud Backup

Like many companies, they have realised the benefits of moving their applications to the cloud and slowly reducing the need for maintaining their own servers (hardware) within their offices.

Article by Simon Challinor
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Virtual Computers

Virtual hardware utilizes a collection of computing resources such as the memory, processor and storage of a real physical computer. This is often referred to as a virtual machine (VM) and it’s possible for many of them to be running on the same physical computer, sharing its resources. 

Article by Simon Challinor
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Guardians of Logic

Society has changed and today’s employees have a progressively different view on employment than previous generations.  It’s common for employees to want to change roles and companies far more frequently, whether it be motivated by new challenges, more money or a prestigious new job title on linked-in.

Article by Simon Challinor
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Git in Brief

Most British folk grow up knowing the word ‘Git’ as a derogatory and perhaps slightly offensive insult.  However, in the world of computer science and programming, it happens to be one of the most useful tools available to make developers lives easier. 

Article by Simon Challinor
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VTiger vs Odoo

Over the years I’ve had the privilege of working with (and customizing) numerous CRM systems for a variety of businesses. Since a client had recently asked me which I would currently recommend, I thought it was high time I checked up on the various pros and cons from two of my favorites and lay them out for my clients and affiliates.

Article by Simon Challinor