Hybrid Backup

When considering solutions for data storage and backup we need to be prudent.  I have already covered, in an earlier article, how the costs of cloud storage and data transfer can vary greatly depending on a multitude of different factors. 

 As with the world at large, many of my clients are in a transition phase between hosting technology onsite and within the cloud.  Some are dipping their toes while others are embracing the cloud and all the benefits it brings more readily.

Onsite NAS devices have been a staple technology in SME (Small Medium sized Enterprises) for many years but as cloud storage becomes more prevalent their place in the office may eventually be in question.  However, while cloud storage costs remain relatively high their place is still highly relevant. 

In this “Hybrid” environment, one solution that I have found useful is provided by QNAP within their NAS (Network Attached Storage) devices. 

 The QNAP NAS device provides an app, accessed via the admin web interface, called “Hybrid Backup Sync”.  It provides a set of tools to allow incremental backup and replication of local NAS data into the cloud.  The software can connect to all the major cloud providers (Alicloud, AWS, Google, Dropbox and many others). The fine grained controls assist the IT professional in creating scheduled jobs that match the data retention policies the company requires whilst being cost efficient with cloud storage and transfer.